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Country Clubs

Learn about the many amenities country clubs have to offer.

Country clubs tend to have more than one dining option, ranging from formal dining to poolside pubs. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Country clubs tend to have more than one dining option, ranging from formal dining to poolside pubs.

There are many types of country clubs, each with their own distinctive personality, proudly serving members in every way possible. Country clubs provide the settings for everything from casual events with friends to business meetings, weddings and recreational activities. The environments nourish relationships with friends, colleagues and business partners, while the staff members anticipate the needs of patrons and often exceed expectations in their service.

Choosing a Country Club

When it comes to country clubs, people hold certain expectations. According to PrivateClubMemberships, some of the things patrons look for in a country club include:

  • Activities that appeal to them or their families
  • Exceptional services and facilities
  • Privacy
  • High-quality goods
  • A strong community image
  • One-on-one relationships with staff members

When considering joining a country club, prospective members should understand the facility's operational philosophy and mission statement. This ensures that the country club's image and traditions are suitable to them. Another consideration is the quality of staff members, including golf professionals, chefs and managers.

Activities Offered at Country Clubs

Country clubs typically have exceptional facilities and activities available to members, families and their guests. Facilities generally include golf courses, swimming pools, fitness centers, formal dining rooms, ballrooms, patios, card rooms and lounges. The activities go far beyond swimming and golf, however. The majority of country clubs hold many social events throughout the year. Such events may include shrimp peels, formal balls or dart leagues. For golfers, country clubs host numerous tournaments for bragging rights or simple fun. They also tend to have more than one dining option, with ever-changing menus and gourmet food. In addition to a formal dining room, there may be a pub or food service at the pool.

Some country clubs take membership benefits one step further by offering a schedule of events that cater to people of all likes and interests. Members can choose from an extensive social calendar, which may include salsa dancing, seminars and classes, themed events and live entertainment. The most prestigious country clubs also offer massages and valet services to members.

Membership Requirements at Country Clubs

There are strict requirements people must meet in order to apply for country club membership. Even those who meet the requirements may be rejected because there are often few openings. Many country clubs offer levels of membership, including resident, junior and the like. Membership is granted by invitation only and is usually limited to people who complete the necessary proposal and who have a sponsor. At many country clubs, prospective members must also have a meeting with a representative from the club, such as the membership chairman.

Most country clubs do not post their membership dues online for the public to see. Instead, prospective members should schedule a tour and speak with someone from the club directly in order to find out about membership pricing. It is important to note that it is not unusual for annual fees and dues to increase. Country clubs have high operational costs and must sometimes stretch their revenues and resources to cover them.

Prestigious Country Clubs

Because people are generally restricted to choosing country clubs in the areas in which they live, it is difficult to define the most prestigious clubs on a nationwide level. Rather, many clubs stand out simply among others in their region or state. One club that does boast widespread notoriety, however, is the Beverly Hills Country Club. The club was founded in the early 1900s by Merv Griffin's uncle. It sits between Twentieth Century FOX and MGM studios and is a place for stars and studio executives to meet, mingle and do business.

Bent Tree Country Club in Dallas, Texas, is a prestigious club in its area. It is member-owned, which means members govern it, along with an elected board of directors. It has undergone an extensive renovation, including the construction of a new fitness center, casual dining area, golf shop and swimming club. The championship golf course was also completely renovated by a renowned architect.

Longmeadow Country Club is one of the oldest clubs in western Massachusetts. It opened in 1922 and offers members excellent formal and casual dining rooms, a Donald Ross championship golf course, banquet facilities, tennis, swimming and much more.

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