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Concert Tickets

Get tips for finding reasonably-priced concert tickets with minimum hassle.

There are a number of Web-based services that sell concert tickets. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
There are a number of Web-based services that sell concert tickets.

Gone are the days when concert tickets were only sold by phone or at the box office. There are a host of online ticket vendors whose sole purpose is to make it easier for people to find concert tickets at reasonable prices. These sites allow ticket buyers to review the seating chart, and sometimes offer virtual birds-eye views, which allows music lovers to get the best value for their dollar. The end result is that fans can locate tickets to see their favorite artists live and know what to expect for the price paid.

Concert Ticket Prices

As of November 2008, Billboard Magazine put the average price of the cheapest tickets to the 10 top-selling concerts in the country at approximately $60. By contrast, the average price of the most expensive tickets to these concerts was near $135. Some of the artists on this list, such as Elton John and Bette Midler, attract mostly middle-aged fans who can perhaps better afford the steep ticket prices. Performers such as the Dave Matthews Band and R.E.M. may have a lower income listener base, thus leaving some of their fans unable to afford concert tickets.

According to Rolling Stone, one reason ticket prices have risen so sharply since the early 2000s is the current economic recession, which has caused record sales to drop. Record companies and artists, who normally rely on these sales to drive their profits, have resorted to aggressive touring to recoup their losses. Other factors, like the prices of gas and food, also have an impact on ticket prices.

Online Concert Ticket Brokers

Ticketmaster sells concert tickets as well as a wide range of other event tickets, such as those to rodeos, musicals, sporting events and plays. It also helps users plan and manage their concert experiences. After signing up for an account, users can browse upcoming events, track concerts by their favorite performers, read the latest tour news and find out exactly when they'll be able to buy tickets.

Because it is also a music promotion company, Live Nation offers similar features to Ticketmaster, but sells tickets to a smaller selection of events. It does, however, offer fans increased access to their favorite performers by promoting various VIP concert ticket packages; these often include back-stage passes and admission to special pre-concert events like sound checks.

Stubhub is another online broker that has become very popular due to its alternative sales model, which allows users to put concert tickets they have already purchased up for sale online, at whatever rate they see fit. These tickets are often available at reduced prices and can give fans affordable access to expensive seats as well as sold-out shows. Like Ticketmaster, StubHub sells tickets to a variety of live entertainment events, including professional sporting events and TV show tapings.

Other Concert Ticket Sources

Concert-goers can also obtain tickets from radio promotions, ticket scalper and fan club Web sites, which often allow their members to buy tickets before they go on sale to the general public. Scalpers can be a good last resort for fans who have been unable to get tickets in advance, though their prices can be much higher than face value.

Online auction sites like Craigslist are also a good source for concert tickets, especially for sold-out concerts. People who buy tickets but are unable to attend the concert often list their tickets on these sites at reasonable prices.

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