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Cell Phone Wallpapers

Cell phone wallpapers are a popular method of personalizing a ubiquitous, everyday device.

Most cell phones are equipped with a few wallpapers. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Most cell phones are equipped with a few wallpapers.

Cell Phone Wallpapers

Cell phone wallpapers are the pictures that appear when a phone is opened up or turned on. Regardless of the type of cell phone, cell phone wallpapers are a colorful, easy to set up feature.

Most cell phones with a color screen support color pictures for wallpapers. They usually support screensavers or backgrounds, as well.

Cell phones typically come pre-loaded with a selection of wallpapers from which to choose. Wallpapers can also be downloaded from the phones manufacturer or other sources, or imported from a personal image collection.

Pre-loaded Wallpaper Images

To select a wallpaper image from a cell phones pre-loaded gallery, the following general guidelines can be used.

First, turn on or open the phone and click the main menu button. Follow the text or graphic prompts leading to Settings & Tools. A sub-menu of this selection is Display Settings, or something similar. The option called Wallpaper, is usually found here. It may be further subdivided into options including Main Wallpaper. A selection is then made from the options displayed. When the phone is closed and then re-opened, or turned off and then back on, the wallpaper selection should display.

Downloading Wallpaper Images

To select and add cell phone wallpaper from the manufacturer or from another provider, the user must first go to a trusted Web site containing a selection of wallpapers. There are numerous Web sites that offer wallpapers either for free or for a small fee. Once a wallpaper selection has been made, the user is prompted to enter the phone number of the cell phone. The wallpaper is sent to the cell phone as a text message with a link to the wallpaper. Instructions on how to download the wallpaper are provided when the link is clicked. The wallpaper image is saved in the cell phone and must then be selected in a process similar to that used for a pre-loaded image.

From the cell phones main menu, select Browser Apps. Some phones have a direct link to a Downloads option. In either case, select Downloads, and follow the menu to where ring tones and wallpapers can be selected.

From the options listed, scroll or search until the name of the download and its price (if applicable) is selected. A message usually appears to indicate completion of the download.

Wallpaper Images from a Computer

Pictures from a computer can be to a cell phone and used as wallpaper. However, both devices must be Bluetooth enabled.

The pictures to be sent to a cell phone should be compiled into a single folder on the computer. Next, a Bluetooth connection is made between the phone and the computer. Open the list of Bluetooth devices on the cell phone and select the computer to establish a connection. The file folder containing the images is then sent to the phone from the computer, and accepted.

Using the menu key on the cell phone, close the Bluetooth connection to the computer. Then, open the phone and follow menu settings to the appropriate file, and select it.

Cell phones with built-in cameras allow users to use digital images captured with the camera for wallpaper. Pictures can be taken as normal using the camera phone. The image is selected from the cell phones image gallery and saved as wallpaper similar to the manufacturer's steps for using pre-loaded images.

Cell phone wallpapers are available from a number of sources on the Internet. These sources include Freemobilefun.net, zedge.net, and mobileheart.com. Additional Web sites can be found by searching cell phone wallpaper on the Internet.

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