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Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise Lines offer a high-end experience on the high seas.

Ships docked at a Mexican port. [© Shutterstock, 2009]
© Shutterstock, 2009
Ships docked at a Mexican port.

lebrity Cruise Lines are a fleet of eight top-rated elegant cruise ships founded in 1988 by the Chandris Group. According to Cruises.com, Condé Nast Traveler readers voted Celebrity vessels the "Top 10 Large Ships," with the Celebrity ship classes, Constellation, Summit, Infinity and Millennium, ranking as the top four. 

Celebrity Cruises travel to a variety of destinations including Alaska, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Europe and the Medterranean, and South America. With the launch in 2004 of the successful Celebrity Xpedition ship, Celebrity Cruises is now the only big-ship line of cruises to offer year-round sailings to the Galapagos Islands.

Celebrity Cruise Lines feature some of the largest spa on any cruise ship, and other upscale extras such as sushi bars and coffee shops.

The Benefits of Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity currently operates eight ships with four more in development and set to luanch by  2012. Currently, travelers can choose a ship best suited to their needs in a variety of class rankings - Century, Millennium, Xpedition and Solstice Class. The Century Class ships were released for expedition in 1995 and 1997 and offer the elegance of a Celebrity Cruise with a lower-end rate.

The Millennium Class was introduced to the cruise line in 2000 and features plenty of glass and teak accents -- it is also considered one of the most technologically advanced of the line with its environmentally friendly turbine engines. The Xpedition Class ships are used for adventures in unexplored waters and offer travelers a relaxed and comfortable environment. The Solstice Class ships, as Celebrity Cruises states, are "aesthetic and experiential perfection." Introduced to the line in 2008, this class of ship still continues to develop and will expand the luxurious vision of Celebrity to its passengers.

According to Cruise Critic, guests onboard a Celebrity Cruise can attend informative lectures , shop on the ships' upscale boutiques, exercise in one of the fitness rooms with or without an instructor and enjoy a revamped sports deck and golf program. Celebrity Cruises are also the only cruise line to offer the Acupuncture at Sea program upon their Millennium-class ships.

All Celebrity ships accommodate guests with cabins that are standard in size, 172 square feet and come equipped with terry-cloth robes and a dining menu for in-room service. Standard cabins have televisions with closed-circuit movies and direct-dial telephones, hair dryers and convertible twin or queen-size beds. More than half of all rooms on the Millennium-class ships have private balconies, and pamper guests with afternoon tea and pre-dinner canapés.

How to Book a Cruise

Celebrity Cruises can be booked directly at the Celebrity Cruise Web site or with a local travel agent.

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