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Cash for Junk Cars

Discover how to get cash for junk cars.

Reputable businesses will purchase a junk car if the owner has retained the legal title of the car. [© Jupiter Images, 2010]
© Jupiter Images, 2010
Reputable businesses will purchase a junk car if the owner has retained the legal title of the car.

For some people, getting their hands on some cold, hard cash for junk cars is a very intriguing concept. They are able to get rid of an old clunker, usually one that has stopped running months or years prior, clean up the yard or clear out the garage, make family and/or neighbors happy, and, best of all, gain a few dollars in the process. The owner may also have a car that was in an auto accident or flood and may wish to sell it or its parts as a car with a salvaged title. It is important to note that when selling a junk car, a reputable business may only purchase the car if the owner has the legal title of the car. It is important to check with your local state Department of Motor Vehicles to learn the state's requirements.

Aside from donating junk cars to charity using a process described by the American Institute of Philanthropy, the other ways to get cash for junk cars are to sell them for parts or in their entirety, or to have them hauled away by an organization that specializes in doing just that.

Selling a Car for Parts

For those who have sufficient room to store an old car, the tools and the patience to disassemble the entire car, and a rare enough car that all of the work and hassle is worth it, there may be an advantage to selling an old car for parts.

In general -- assuming one can salvage and actually sell enough of the junk car parts -- this method will typically result in the ability to make more money, because people restoring cars and searching for just the right part often are willing to pay good money to get the precise part they need.

Owners of junk cars who take this route usually disassemble the car piece by piece, or system by system, and place ads on general and specialized classified ad websites such as the Motors section of ebay.com or justparts.com,  in automotive magazines or newspapers, or with automotive enthusiast organizations.

Similarly, many websites offer opportunities to sell entire cars for parts. Again, this is especially true if there are a sufficient number of usable parts on the car. Pick n Pull offers a Cash for Junk Cars service where they will come pick up the car and/or take the parts they want to resell on the spot.

Getting Rid of a Clunker

For those people whose junk car is nothing more than an unattractive pile of glass, leather, plastic, and rusted bolts and metal, there still are businesses willing to pay in order to salvage the car for the metal.

One example of such a business is junkacar.com, which, like thousands of other businesses found on the Web or in phone books in every area of the country, will pay cash for junk cars. In the case of junkacar, the vehicle's owner is asked to provide details about the year, make and model, and mileage of the car, and to provide an assessment of the body, engine and transmission condition of the car.

Another organization that does the same thing is junk-yard.org, which, in addition to asking the same types of questions asked by junkacar, also inquires about the vehicle identification number, whether or not the person looking to get rid of the car has title to it, and whether or not the car is in running condition. The company then makes arrangements to tow away the car at the owner's convenience.

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