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Can I install a dishwasher next to a gas stove?

Follow these guidelines if you want to install a dishwasher next to a gas stove.

Your designer or contractor can help you plan the layout of your new kitchen. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Your designer or contractor can help you plan the layout of your new kitchen.

Adding a dishwasher to the kitchen can save time and eliminate hassle - not to mention boost the usefulness and value of the kitchen. But homeowners may be concerned about dishwasher placement, particularly whether or not they can install a dishwasher next to a gas stove. Keep reading for a clear overview of safe and convenient dishwasher installation.

Check Safety Codes

Technically, there is no reason why homeowners couldn't install a dishwasher next to a gas stove, as long as they check with state and local codes and make sure there is plenty of room in between the appliances. The National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends at least 21 inches of standing space between a dishwasher and cabinet fronts at a right angle, and within 36 inches of the nearest edge of the sink, but about the guidelines do not include anything regarding placement next to a gas stove. Basically, as long as homeowners take precautions to ensure the safety and operating space of each of the appliances, a dishwasher can be installed next to a gas stove.

Consider Heat

There are some practical concerns to factor in if installing a dishwasher next to a gas stove. Both of these appliances generate a great deal of heat. It's best to make sure there is enough space between them to allow the heat to escape. Depending on the arrangement of the kitchen layout, this can ruin the smooth appearance of the transition between cabinetry and appliances.

Consider Power

Homeowners will need to make sure that they have power sources that can adequately run both appliances without fear of overloading circuits. The dishwasher and the stove should run on separate circuits, so it may be more practical to keep them apart. This will impact dishwasher placement if using the existing circuitry in the kitchen. If new circuitry will be installed, be sure to have properly-rated outlets for each appliance.

Determine the Space

The available space in a kitchen can impact the placement of all major appliances, so homeowners may not be able to avoid placing the dishwasher and gas stove next to each other. However, most kitchen layouts do separate the dishwasher and oven. Many experts even recommend arranging the kitchen in "zones." The wet zone, for example, groups together the sink, dishwasher and garbage disposal. The dry zone includes the pantry, cabinets and food prep surfaces, such as countertops. Finally, the hot zone includes the stove and cooktop. The zone arrangement allows for things with similar purposes to be grouped together, which allows the kitchen to function more efficiently as a whole.

Other Guidelines

However one chooses to arrange a kitchen, there are some important guidelines to consider. The National Kitchen & Bath Association recommends keeping the distance between the kitchen work areas (for example, the distance between sink and stove, or the distance between refrigerator and sink) between 4 and 9 feet. If a triangle is formed between the three major work centers in a kitchen - sink, stove and refrigerator - the total distance of the three legs should be no more than 26 feet. Keeping the kitchen design within these guidelines will allow homeowners to cook more efficiently, no matter what arrangement they ultimately choose.

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You are here:  Home and Garden » Household » Appliances
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