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Camera Security

Learn how camera security systems can offer peace of mind to parents.

Contemporary security cameras offer high-quality resolution with focused imaging. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Contemporary security cameras offer high-quality resolution with focused imaging.

From baby video monitors to nanny surveillance cameras, camera security plays a critical role in helping parents keep a watchful eye on their children. With the latest and greatest advances in technology, the security cameras of today are smaller and more difficult to detect than models of years past. According to Home Security Camera Systems, security cameras can be easily hidden in a book, a lamp shade or even on the computer. Unlike older cameras, contemporary security cameras have high-quality resolution with focused imaging. Many security cameras can be easily installed and connected to either a computer or a digital recorder, and consumers have thousands of camera model and feature options to choose from.

Baby Video Monitors

Baby video monitors can serve as a second set of ears and eyes for parents. These devices reassure many parents that their children are safe and sound by enabling them to hear and see their children from another room. Baby video monitors come equipped with a transmitter and one or more receivers, as well as a tabletop or wall-mounted camera that transmits images to a video monitor.

Some of the top manufacturers of standard baby video monitors include Evenflo, Fisher-Price, Graco, Mobicam, Phillips, Safety First and Sony. According to Consumer Reports, prices for standard baby video/audio monitors range from $100 to $200. Wireless baby video monitors are also available for individuals who desire mobility. With a wireless baby video monitor, parents can move from room to room doing other tasks while still keeping a watchful eye on the baby. Many wireless baby video monitors come equipped with night vision, which allows parents to monitor their baby in the dark. Other features of wireless baby video monitors may include thermometers and barometers, which allow parents to monitor the temperature and humidity in their child's room. According to SafetyEd.org, prices for wireless baby video monitors range from $150 to $700, with the price dependent upon where the product is purchased, the product manufacturer and the special features of the baby video monitor.

While baby video monitors offer parents a range of convenience features, one of the most common complaints about baby audio/video monitors is that other electronic devices in the home, such as cell phones, household appliances and even fluorescent lights can interfere with the monitor's transmitting ability. This interference can cause fuzzy reception on the baby video monitor and static, buzzing and other irritating noises via the audio receiver.

Childcare Camera Security

Many parents have turned to hidden nanny surveillance cameras, commonly referred to as "nanny cams," to keep an eye on the welfare of their children in the care of other individuals. A nanny surveillance camera helps provide many parents with peace of mind that their children are not being abused or mistreated by caregivers. Today, nanny surveillance cameras are highly popular and can be found in many daycare facilities as well as private homes. Daycare providers use them to allow parents to monitor their children via the Internet while they are at work. Parents also install nanny surveillance cameras in their homes to ensure that caregivers are properly caring for their children.

According to Power Home Technologies, advanced technology has made nanny surveillance cameras affordable for nearly every budget. They are easy to use and can be installed covertly in a variety of locations. Nanny surveillance cameras can be wired or wireless depending upon the special needs of the parent and come equipped with a variety of special features, such as night vision and digital and analog recording. Depending upon the features of the nanny surveillance camera they purchased, owners can review footage from a DVD player via a hard drive or by plugging the camera device into a television or computer monitor.

Purchasing Security Cameras

Purchasing baby video monitors, nanny surveillance cameras and other security cameras can be overwhelming for many individuals because of the many available brands and features. Consumer Reports recommends that individuals consider their unique needs, lifestyles, homes and the camera's return policy when shopping for camera security systems to monitor their children.

A monitor may not always be practical, and individuals should consider their routines and the size of their home when determining if a monitor is best for them. It is also important for individuals to factor in other wireless products in their home when shopping for security cameras to monitor their children. To minimize interference, parents should choose security products that operate on a different frequency band. Another key consideration when shopping for baby monitoring equipment is the product's return policy. In many cases, it is difficult for parents to determine if a product will work for their household before trying it out.

The quality of the camera is a key shopping consideration for individuals looking for nanny surveillance cameras. According to the International Nanny Association, lower-quality cameras do not film in "real-time" and can cause movements to appear distorted.

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