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Business Management Degree

A business management degree can prepare a student for opportunities in the global marketplace.

Before a student can don their cap and gown, it takes about two years to earn a business management degree. [©Shutterstock, 2010]
©Shutterstock, 2010
Before a student can don their cap and gown, it takes about two years to earn a business management degree.

Business Management Degree

A business management degree will help to prepare a student for today's competitive marketplace. In fact, according to a survey by CollegeGrad, a student's major is the number one factor an employer considers when hiring a recent college graduate. The student's major is important because employers need new workers with knowledge and experience in their particular fields. If one desires a job managing an office or a company, a bachelors degree in business management would be a good place to start.

Basics of the Business Management Degree

The purpose of a business management degree is to prepare students for entry level management and leadership positions. Management students learn basic skills such as developing ideas, problem solving, communicating solutions, critical thinking, effective writing, coming up with solutions to complex problems, asking probing questions and coming up with good solutions to ethical dilemmas.

By graduation, a student in business management should be able to manage under uncertain conditions, produce and market goods and services, handle the financing of an organization, understand the economics of a company in relation to the larger environment in which it conducts business, understand ethical issues and the social and political pressures on a business, and grasp the concepts of accounting, quantitative methods and management information systems.

Employers like students with this background because they are grounded in general management techniques, know how to thrive and survive in a corporate setting, and are aware of the everyday operations and processes of businesses.

A bachelors degree in business management prepares a student to manage in a variety of fields, including education, government, healthcare, telecommunications, hospitality, finance and the nonprofit sector.

Comparing a Business Management Degree to Other Business Degrees

There are many types of business degrees, including those with a focus in accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing and management.

A degree in business with a focus in accounting prepares students for a career in accounting. Students in this field study managerial accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, auditing, taxation and general business concepts.

Business degrees with a focus in entrepreneurship teach aspiring businessmen and women accounting, ethics, economics, finance, strategy, management and marketing. This is the perfect degree for someone who wants to own and manage their own business.

Business finance degrees prepare students for finance careers such as investment bankers, loan officers, financial advisors and money market managers.

A bachelors of business management degree prepares students for a wide range of managerial opportunities. This is the best degree for someone who knows that they want to work in a management position for a company.

In addition to getting a wonderful business education, students today working toward pre-professional business degrees can look forward to a wonderful general education as well. According to the College Board, Business students today can expect a balanced and broad-based education that focuses on a lot more than business-related courses.

Training and Education Toward a Business Management Degree

There are many levels of business management degrees. Students may choose from an associates degree in business management, a bachelors of business management, and a masters of business management.

An associates degree in business administration takes two years to complete. Graduates will learn general administrative skills and management principles. This degree is best for someone who wants to work in an office at a small or midsize business. An associates degree may be earned at a community college or at an online university such as Kaplan University, Strayer University or Northwestern College.

Potential employees with a four-year bachelor of business degree will likely have greater management opportunities and earning potential than a person with an associates degree. A bachelors in management may be obtained at a four-year school or at an online university such as the University of Maryland, University College, Keiser University and Kaplan University.

To distinguish oneself in the workplace, a business professional may wish to obtain a graduate degree called a Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A). An M.B.A focusing on Business Management, which takes one to two years to complete beyond a bachelors degree, is necessary to become a high ranking manager and increase ones earning power. An online M.B.A program allows working professionals to advance their career without leaving their job.

Someone who earns an M.B.A can expect their salary to grow by fifty percent, and global demand for those with an M.B.A is strong. M.B.As prepare middle-level professionals for upper management positions by developing managerial competencies such as critical thinking, systems thinking, team building, and team leadership that can be applied successfully to any size business. M.B.As may be obtained at a graduate school or online at universities such as the University of Maryland, University College, the University of Phoenix and Keiser University.

A degree in business management prepares one for a satisfying career as a manager. The market is very competitive, so the more education and experience obtained, the better the chances are for success.

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