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Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday party ideas are never hard to come by when the individual's personality is considered.

There are endless brithday party ideas for celebrating a child's special day. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
There are endless brithday party ideas for celebrating a child's special day.

Birthday Party Ideas

Coming up with inventive birthday party ideas for adults takes creativity and enthusiasm and is never as easy as it sounds. The key to success is knowing the party recipient well and producing food and entertainment that both please the palette and invoke good conversation and lasting memories.

According to the group Birthdays Without Pressure at the University of Minnesota, the tradition of celebrating individual birthdays is a relatively new idea that used to be reserved for royalty. Birthday parties as we know them began in the 19th century. For many people, it is the one day a year set aside just for them and a day they look forward to.

Choosing the Perfect Theme

Taking the time to get to know the likes and dislikes of the party recipient is the best way to come up with an appropriate party theme. Possible birthday party ideas for themed events include:

  • Tiki, BBQ or Luau food and decorations
  • Personal historical eras, such as the 1960s or 1970s
  • Costume/fantasy themes, such as a masquerade ball
  • Activities such as karaoke or bowling
  • Fortune telling or magic tricks

Themed birthday parties work best when both the recipient and the guests are involved in the preparation of the party. From buying costumes to building props or making decorations, adult theme parties are successful when everyone is on-board with the concept.

Celebrating the Life In a Day

Whether it is the 30th, 40th, 50th or 60th birthday, creating a birthday party around the details of an adults life is a great way to honor a friend or family member. In addition, a life story party is one adult party where inviting the kids is appropriate. A biographical party may include:

  • A photo album with one picture from each year of the recipients life
  • Audio or video recordings of friends and family sharing memories
  • A box of index cards and photos which allow guests to share short funny stories that involve the recipient
  • The playing of videos or slides from the adults childhood
  • Sketches or photos of former homes and friends displayed on the walls

Biographical parties require input from the recipient or their closest friends but also make a great surprise birthday party idea. Keeping the nature of the party a secret from the birthday man or woman will help increase the comic relief of the revealing moment.

Activity Parties for Adults

Scavenger hunts, murder mystery dinners, ghost hunts and paint ball battles offer a change of pace from the drinks-at-the-local-bar adult birthday celebration. Many places offer weekend retreats, overnight rentals and private rooms, all of which are ideal birthday party ideas for adventure-loving adults.

Personality Counts

Specific traits or passionate pursuits sometimes dominate a personality. Creating a birthday party around the personal characteristics of someone makes for a unique celebration. Coupon gifts and recycled presents are good for the thrifty, eco-friendly individual, whereas charitable individuals may enjoy donated gifts or utilizing the party to promote a cause close to their heart.

Sometimes, simply participating in the passion of an individual on their special day is the perfect gift. From planting trees to volunteering, different things make different personalities happy. Dedicating a friends birthday to understanding what inspires him or her most is often the best gift one can give and receive.

Cocktails and Cake Are Always in Style

For some people, the quickest way to their heart is through the palette. If a friend is a fan of cocktails, a cocktail party may be the simplest and most appropriate birthday celebration. A wine tasting paired with dinner or just cheese and crackers makes a simple, elegant birthday celebration. For the serious oenophile, consider serving a wine from the persons year of birth. Food & Wine magazine recommends researching the year to find a good wine.

A successful birthday party always comes down to celebrating the individual, whatever form that may take. According to The Food Timeline, a cake has been utilized as a life event marker throughout history so it remains an important part of any good birthday party. Cakes can be homemade or purchased from a bakery. If the party has a theme, cakes can be designed to complement it.

A birthday party is an opportunity to show appreciation for a good friend or loving family member. With a little determination and preparation time, the party planner can create a perfect event for a treasured individual.

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