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Basketball Uniforms

Find out what regulations govern NCAA basketball uniforms.

The best basketball uniforms are comortable and cool. [© Jupter Image, 2009]
© Jupter Image, 2009
The best basketball uniforms are comortable and cool.

Basketball uniforms are team-specific outfits that identify each of the players on a basketball team. These identifiers usually include the number of the player and his or her last name. In addition to the practical function, basketball uniforms can instill a sense of accomplishment and confidence among team members. Basketball uniforms can also make an important statement to others about the team's spirit. Elementary, junior high and high school, college and professional basketball teams all wear basketball uniforms.

Basketball Uniform Components

Basketball uniforms generally are made up of a jersey, shorts, socks and shoes. The jersey and shorts usually are created with lightweight, loosely woven, mesh materials that keep players cool when they are engaged in the sport.

Fabrics used for basketball uniforms include:

  • Polyester mesh
  • Nylon
  • Rayon
  • Satin

Jerseys usually are made out of mesh, which is not only comfortable but also attractive. They can be round or V-neck, capped sleeve or sleeveless. Shorts can be reversible, or they can have an elastic or drawstring waistband. The colors of the jersey and the shorts can be matching or different, depending on the desired look of the team.

The basketball uniforms of today are more sophisticated in comparison to the basketball uniforms of the past. Today, a lot of time and attention goes into their design. Newer shorts are made with a longer inseam, replacing the former shorter styles. The quality of the uniform's materials has also improved in recent years. They are more durable, have more stylish designs and the team logo is often displayed on the tops and shorts.

NCAA Guidelines

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) has a set of standards that regulates what can be on a basketball jersey and how it can be formatted.

The NCAA designates and enforces guidelines for:

  • The size and placement of logos
  • Numbers
  • Emblems
  • Apparel insignias
  • Memorial patches

If a college or university wants to make any change to the style or design of its uniforms, it has to obtain permission from the NCAA's games committee.

According to the NCAA, both men and women are permitted to display a memorial patch or ribbon within the four-inch side insert of the jersey, anywhere on the pants or warm-up suits, or on the shoulder strap of the game jersey. If it is displayed on the shoulder strap, it has to be sewn on or attached. There currently aren't any restrictions on what the patch can say or on its size or shape.

Ordering Basketball Uniforms

Basketball uniforms can be acquired from local sports uniform stores. They also may be purchased online through retailers that specialize in selling custom sports uniforms. Many retailers also offer free catalogs to help with purchase decisions.

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