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Backsaver Recliner

A backsaver recliner chair can significantly relieve pressure on the spine and neck.

Backsaver recliners have speacial features than regular reclining chairs don't. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Backsaver recliners have speacial features than regular reclining chairs don't.

Backsaver Recliner

A backsaver recliner reduces pressure on a person's back by properly positioning the sitter's body in the chair. As a result, the person receives no stress on their muscles, ligaments or joints while seated in the recliner. According to Spine-Health, one of the main causes of back pain is poor posture. The backsaver recliner helps alleviate back pain by keeping the spine aligned. With a headrest and an attached footrest, the backsaver recliner can be a pricey investment, but since it helps to eliminate back pain, some consumers believe itis worth the cost.

Backsaver Recliner Features

Also called zero-gravity chairs, backsaver recliners benefit the back more than a traditional recliner. Unlike recliners with retractable footrests, backsaver recliners possess a molded footrest that tilts with the rest of the chair. There is no separate lever to open the footrest from the confines of the chair.

Backsaver recliners relieve pressure on the back by tilting the footrest up. The entire recliner tilts back, placing the sitter's feet higher than his or her head. As a result, the spine reduces its force on the body. Other added benefits of this position include minimized pressure on the heart, expanded lung capacity, an increase to the body's blood oxygen levels and the possible prevention of varicose veins.

Best Backsaver Recliners

Zero-gravity recliners and chairs obtained their names from their positioning. The style of seating in a backsaver recliner mimics the seating astronauts use during launch. This position reduces the pressure felt by astronauts when escaping Earth's gravitational pull. In zero-gravity recliners, a person's weight is distributed evenly. Once gravity is neutralized, the muscles rest and spinal discs return to their normal size and shape. This explains why people are taller in the morning than in the evening the Earths gravitational pressure and the weight of the body have not yet affected the backs discs.

The best backsaver recliners are pricey; some run upwards of several thousand dollars. The brand BackSaver is the originator of the zero-gravity recliner and offers several designs, colors and styles. Interactive Health is another brand that features a line of zero-gravity recliners, with the option of adding matching furniture pieces. With numerous stores offering discounts such as free shipping, it's best for the consumer to shop around and consider their options before making such an expensive purchase.

Backsaver Recliner Tips

According to the Mayo Clinic, four out of five people in the United States deal with back pain at one point or another. Back pain is one of the most common factors that send patients to a doctor's office. If patients are able to sit comfortably in a backsaver recliner, they reduce the risk of excess pressure on the spinal column.

It is best to test out a backsaver recliner before purchasing it, especially since it is a costly item. The consumer should feel free to maneuver the recliner, ensuring that it does all it claims to do. If the consumer is satisfied with the recliner, they should then consider recliner styles and colors. Also, certain backsaver recliners come with a massage feature, which helps to ease any sore muscles.

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