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Baby Christening Gift

Read on to find baby christening gift ideas.

Christenings are a way for parents to introduce their child to the church and to Christianity. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Christenings are a way for parents to introduce their child to the church and to Christianity.

A baby christening gift helps commemorate one of the first formal events in a child's life. When friends and family members are invited to attend a baptism or christening ceremony, it is appropriate to bring a gift to express well wishes. Christenings are a meaningful way for parents to introduce their child to the church and Christianity and a time for family members and friends to celebrate the birth of a child.

Baby Christening Gift Traditions

Christening and baptism traditions usually involve dressing a baby in a christening gown or a symbolic outfit, according to Beliefnet.com.In some families, a christening gown may have been passed down from generation to generation. The christening or baptism ceremony is also an appropriate time for the child's name to be announced to the church congregation. Usually, the minister, pastor or head of the church will sprinkle the baby's head or immerse him in water to dedicate the child and welcome him into the church family. In most cases godparents are chosen to sponsor the child. Additionally, there may be a party or celebration following the church service.

Baby Christening Gift Ideas

Individuals can choose to purchase something traditional, useful or more creative for baby christening gifts. Retail stores and online retailers have a wide range of items to choose from, such as:

  • Casting kit (for parents)
  • Plate or keepsake pillow
  • Rosary
  • Photo frames, shadowboxes and wooden keepsake boxes
  • Personalized shoes
  • Personalized crib medallion
  • Personalized toy

Often traditional christening gifts include a lace or eyelet Bible, a cross or a blanket or shawl. A christening bonnet is another popular item the infant wears during the ceremony; it is often carried when the child gets married. A traditional gift from godparents is a silver cup, silver spoons or personalized flatware.

Other traditional gifts that can be personalized include jewelry such as a bracelet or necklace, or a keepsake box or Bible.

Discount retail stores like Target offer more modern choices including gift cards. Target also carries a collection of diverse items like a frame and cross christening baby gift set, toys or a silver picture frame commemorating baby's first year.

One contemporary idea that makes a welcome baby christening gift is a basket containing variety of different practical and keepsake items. Baskets of Faith carries a large number of baskets that include food items, toys, favors, Christian music and more.

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