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Auto Accessories

Learn how auto accessories for cars can increase motorist safety.

Auto accessories make cell phones easier to use in cars. [©Jupiter Images, 2009]
©Jupiter Images, 2009
Auto accessories make cell phones easier to use in cars.

Auto accessories for cell phones can increase motorist safety and make the cell phone easier to use in the car. Many auto accessories for cell phones eliminate the need for holding the device. Other cell phone auto accessories, such as chargers and antennas, improve cell phone performance.

Hands-Free Cell Phone Devices

Hands-free auto accessories for cell phones allow motorists to keep their hands on the steering wheel. Some states require motorists to use hand-free devices when talking on a cell phone while driving. Healthfinder.gov contends that talking on a cell phone while driving distracts drivers even more than talking to a passenger in the car. Luckily, many auto accessories on the market can improve the situation.

Two types of hands-free cell phone devices are used in cars:

  • Portable sets. Portable sets contain an earpiece and a microphone and include Bluetooth headset devices. Motorists can use them in automobiles and elsewhere.
  • Hands-free car kits. Unlike portable sets, hands-free car kits are specifically designed to be used as auto accessories. Some feature microphones with speakers and plug into the car's cigarette lighter. Some require professional installation and a power booster. Some hands-free GPS navigation devices for cars also include hands-free calling options, according to ConsumerReports.org.

Other Auto Accessories for Cell Phones

Auto accessories for cell phones are designed to make the cell phone easier to use in the car or to improve the cell phone's performance capabilities while mobile. Other auto accessories for cell phones include:

  • Car mounts. These devices, which are also called cradles, affix to the auto windshield or other areas in the automobile and hold the phone. Some car mounts have built-in antennas and, thus, increase cell phone signal strength in the vehicle.
  • Wireless capabilities for phones. Auto manufacturers are increasingly fitting cars with wireless capabilities for cell phones.
  • Antennas and amplifiers. Antennas and amplifiers fasten onto cars and improve the cell phone's reception and signal strength. They also decrease the chance that the motorist will hit a dead spot while traveling.
  • Car chargers. Many of these fit into the car's cigarette lighter and keep the cell phone charged using power from the automobile's battery.
  • Advanced car kits. These will mute the car's radio while the driver is on the phone taking a call, and they can use Bluetooth connections for wireless activity. Some advanced car kits allow voice control. Motorists may dial, end the call or adjust the volume, all through verbalization.
  • Cell phone holders. Many different kinds of car cell phone holders are available, online and in stores, other than mounts. They include sticky pads, magnetic holders and devices that fit onto air vents.

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