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1-Year Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Recognizing a 1-year wedding anniversary with just the right gift is a great way to cap off the first full year of marriage.

Make the first wedding anniversary a special one. [© Jupiter Images, 2009]
© Jupiter Images, 2009
Make the first wedding anniversary a special one.

While the 25th "silver" wedding anniversary, the 50th "gold" wedding anniversary and the 75th "diamond" wedding anniversary are often accompanied by gifts of rings and necklaces, finding a gift for the one year "paper" wedding anniversary can be a bit more difficult. But with newlyweds still settling into their new lifestyle, new home and new finances, a simple and affordable paper wedding anniversary gift may be the most practical option. This article provides one-year wedding anniversary ideas for memorable paper gifts to be given on that special day.

Wedding Anniversary Photographs

According The Nest, a Web site that provides innovative lifestyle tips for newlyweds, photos make a great one-year anniversary gift.

A treasured photograph from the wedding could be enlarged and framed as a gift, or one of the newlyweds may choose to have a series of romantic photos taken to give to the other partner. For an interesting and creative twist, the series of romantic photos can even be used to create a personalized "pin-up" calendar. Favorite photos from the first year of marriage can be compiled into a scrapbook.

Wedding Anniversary Books

A favorite book, rare first edition or autographed work can be a great one-year anniversary idea. On a more personal level, a bound, handwritten journal kept throughout the first year of marriage can capture the wonders and excitement of being a newlywed. For another personalized book idea, consider creating a book of romantic "coupons" to be redeemed throughout the following year.

Wedding Anniversary Tickets

Tickets are the perfect way to keep the traditional spirit of the paper anniversary alive while indulging in another favorite activity. These paper tickets can run the gamut from events to destinations. For a music lover, concert tickets may be in order. Depending on the interests of the couple, tickets may be for a Broadway show or a sporting event. For a more extravagant gift, plane tickets to an exotic destination - or simply to a beloved locale - recall the sweetness of the honeymoon.

Wedding Anniversary Creative Expressions

Another great one-year wedding anniversary idea is to make something creative with paper. According to HappyAnniversary.com, a site dedicated to original anniversary gifts, a love letter or poem is a great gift for the one-year anniversary.

The key is to give considerable thought to the strengths and joys of the relationship, and then write something that expresses deep and sincere feelings. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece; if the sentiment is heartfelt, this gift will be a treasured keepsake for a lifetime.

Likewise, a painting or other artwork can express emotion and make a precious gift. If the couple is planning to build or buy a house in the near future, a set of hand-drawn floor plans can be framed as a memento, both of the first anniversary and of the couple's first house.

Wedding anniversary gifts don't have to be limited to expensive jewelry. For more traditional and modern gifts for each year's wedding anniversary, see the list compiled by the Chicago Public Library's Information Center.

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